When Caleb and I got married and moved into our own little abode, there were a multitude of “need to buy” items.  Ok, so a dryer was optional in the beginning.  Curtains?  Nah, sheets will do for now.  Chairs for the family room?  Not needed right away.  But there are those things that you simply must buy right away.  Things like, ya’ know, a toilet bowl brush, trash cans, a plunger…ya’ just need ’em; and ya’ need ’em to be new.  Buuuut, there are those things where “new” doesn’t cut it, not by a long shot.

Before the wedding, we registered for an ironing board because, despite Caleb’s opinion, you NEED an ironing board.  But really, who is going to buy an ironing board as a wedding present and tote it into the church?  “Here ya’ go!  I lugged big ol’ present into this wedding here.”  Nope, no one wanted to give us that ironing board.  So, armed with gift cards, I entered Target ready to make me an ironing board purchase.  I wanted a sturdy one, one that would last, one like mom’s.

Sheesh.  Ironing boards these days stink.  They’re wobbly and ugly and seem like they would cave with the slightest pressure and break in a couple years.

So, me thinks, “Mom might still have Grandma’s ironing board that I tried to get her to sell in a garage sale.”  So, I call my dear mother who sees the value in old things and hangs onto them despite her daughter’s sighs and attempts of “cleaning out.”  “Yes, she tells me.  It’s in the barn.”


On one of my trips to their house, my mother kindly gave me Grandma’s old ironing board.  It still had a garage sale sticker on it in my handwriting for $3.00.  All those people just didn’t know what they were passing up.


I am thankful for that ol’ ironing board every time I use it.  It’s sturdy, and, yes, it will last me for a life time.  They just don’t make ironing boards the way they used to.  🙂