When I am at work, I make mental lists of the things that I need or want to get done that evening, weekend or whatever spare moment I’m at home.  I like lists.  I’m a list person.  And when things don’t get crossed off my list in a “timely manner” (aka immediately), I get overwhelmed and discouraged and just a teensy bit testy.

Well, I was at work one day, again getting overwhelmed with the mood of “why am I not getting these things crossed off my list fast enough?”  So I sat down and typed up the list of things that I determined needed to be done that week.  I came up with 2 1/2, triple columned, typed pages of that week’s “to do.”


It helped getting it down on paper to see just how crazy the expectations in my mind were.  My thoughts moved from “I need to get one bajillion things done tonight in order to feel complete” to “Here’s a list I will work on whenever I have some time – no biggie.”  You canNOT believe how that one simple thing has made me more relaxed and peaceful and a teensy less testy.

All that to say, one of those things on the list (and a very big thing at that) got crossed off yesterday.  We sold the Jeep!!!!!!!!!!!  Wahh-ditty-doo-dahh-daaaaaaay!!!!!


It was a good Jeep.  It served us well (well mostly Caleb since it was his).  It was a fourth vehicle we did not need anymore.  (Nothing like two people owning four vehicles to make you feel over-privileged.  One of them is a motorcycle though – it doesn’t reeeeally count.)  That Jeep stared at me each day saying, “I’m still heeeEEERre.”

My Man and I are both super relieved and happy.  And I can now do this on my list:  Sell the Jeep