Well, I missed posting yesterday, not because I forgot and not because I didn’t have blessings.  It was just that I was kinda busy with those blessings…like really busy and then I was tired (really tired) and decided to take a delicious, dreary-day nap afterwards.  So I didn’t have a chance to post, and I didn’t have a chance to round up the pictures from the day, so I’ll just have to write about that some other time.  Suffice it to say, it were fun!  And it had to do with my book, Blinded by His Shadow.  (It was Veteran’s Day, after all.)

But that’s ok, ’cause I have another Veteran’s Day blessing to post about anyway.  It’s all about My Man.  *sigh*


Our church encourages the veteran’s to wear their uniforms on the Sunday closest to the holiday.  So The Man, though he probably would have skipped it this year, wore it because this woman likes her man in uniform.

He would have worn one of the more formal uniforms, but, alas, he goes to the gym and grows muscles.  And muscles can’t squeeze into old formal uniforms.  They tried; they really did.  But after going into one of the camo jackets that had the sleeves rolled up, My Man had to bring those ol’ muscles downstairs to have me help get them out again.  I had to literally lift my feet and hang off the rolled up sleeves and wiggle around to pull them off those big muscles.  Grace was there.  She nearly died laughing.  I, on the other hand, nearly died swooning.


So he wore the camis to church, and I hung onto his muscle-y arm and was so proud of My Man.  Yep, he is my hero.

(Ok, I’m done.  Hopefully, I can spare you from sharing any more starry-eyed posts for a while.  But I shall still be swooning in my own little world; I shall be for the rest o’ my life.)