Last night, was my darling students’ piano recital.  Seeing that I only have three darling students, we join forces with two other teachers’ groups to make it a fur real recital.  (Though I’m sure the men present wouldn’t mind the short length of only three students playing.)  But I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to have a recital, you might as well make it respectably long.  🙂

Everyone did a marvelous job despite the dread of playing in front of people and not wanting to do the bow afterwards.  I mean, what kid wants to do a bow?  Buuuut, (in my kids’ cases) I’m the teacher, and all the years of being made to bow at recitals has built up within me…it’s my turn to inflict the bow on those I’m teaching.  I rather enjoy it.  Mmwhahahaha.

So, here are “my kids.”  Well, my kids’ backs.  Hey, I was busy following along with the music.  It’s a good thing I got pictures at all.



DSC00767 Oh, and heeeere’s what their faces look like…

DSC00770Aren’t they just darling?  And, no, that’s not just the aunt side of me talking; the teacher side of me thinks they’re pretty wonnerful too.

And afterwards, ya always have to have food.  It’s just how we roll in these here Yoonited States.

DSC00771I was very proud of these here kids of mine and very thankful for the opportunity the other teachers gave us to join their great recital.