I am an introvert.

Now, it’s not all that straightforward.  Everyone is a perfect, unique, strange, and yes, confusing mixture of introvertedness and extrovertedness (yes, I made those words up).  Buuuuut, I would rather sit in the corner in a crowded room.  I would rather stay home.   I would rather type an email than talk on the phone.  I would rather pretend not to see someone I know in the store (horrible and stuck up, I know).

I am intimidated by a lot of people I know.  The caveat is that I’m not afraid of talking to people (even strangers), so that is why I often question if I’m an introvert or just plain ol’ selfish.  All I know is that meeting and greeting and talking and getting involved in people’s lives takes work for me, BUT it is SO WORTH IT.  The blessing and reason I’m rambling on about this?  God has continuously put me in situations to teach me that reaching out is a must, and that I need to get past my prideful, selfish ways.

College days:  My roommates would praise me on how studious I was by staying in the room every night and studying.  The truth?  I didn’t know anybody and was too shy or lazy or whatever to go meet people.  The lessons learned then prompted me to never sit back in a new situation quite so much.

Work days:  I got a job where the phone is an essential part of the day.  Good grief.  I was the teenager who would beg my mom to make a phone call for me ’cause I hated talking to people.  Yeah, work cured that.

And it goes on and on.  Ok, so I still avoid people I know in the store sometimes.  (It’s nothing personal; it’s just me.)  When I look at other people (especially those who intimidate me), I think that maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there that feels the same way.  And then I think, “Don’t wait for someone to be friendly, show them how.” (author unknown)

Oh, the blessing of talking to people and working on my introverted ways.