Oh, the crispness of a cool autumn evening.  Oh, the beauty of falling leaves all golden and red.  Oh, the warmth of a fire and wool blankets and a hot mug of cider held between your hands.  Oh, the joy of laughter and chatter with friends and family.


‘Tis the perfect season for gathering on our back deck around the chiminea, roasting marshmallows and crafting the perfect smores whilest drinking the aforementioned cider.


Several nieces and nephews and a number of Caleb’s siblings came over this weekend to do just that.  It were such fun!  Everyone sitting around eating and laughing and talking and eating some more.  Once we had filled our stomachs with the toasted, ooey marshmallow goodness, we turned inside to pile onto couches and chairs and the floor, still eating mind you, to watch Monster’s University.

Monsters University - International Poster 1

It was laid back and memorable (and as an added bonus, it gave me a good push to get the house cleaned beforehand).  In fact, we had so much fun, we had more siblings and nieces and nephews over later that weekend.  That time, we subtracted the movie but added a supper of roasted hotdogs to the mix.  *sigh*  I love this life.