Here in the great state of Kansas, we tend to complain once in a while about the lack of (hmmm, how shall I say this?)…Beauty.  We gaze west towards the grand mountains and stately pines of Colorado; we look east to contemplate the calmness of the wooded hills of Missouri; we turn south to…ok, south doesn’t hold much more beauty than Kansas…no worries there.

BUT, Kansas does have its beauty – you just have to look harder for it.  Once you’ve found it though, you appreciate it more.  (Sorry Missouri, but your sunsets just don’t hold a candle to Kansas.)


Well, about a half mile from our little abode, we have the mighty Arkansas River (read “Our-Kansas” River – that’s how it’s done here).  Woods and water, yes, bless my soul, we live 1/2 mile from woods and water.  I love it.


Caleb and I pulled on our boots (’cause it’s been raining lately) and made a trek down to our river this weekend.  It’s a beautiful little patch of wonder.  The trees are bursting forth in golden color.  Trail after trail winds through the trees.  (I noted that if this were in the middle of the city, people would be flocking to it.)  And then the woods give way to a sandy river beach stretching to the banks of the river.  Ok, so the river is muddy and slow and nothing I would ever want to touch, but I can look and enjoy.


We walked and skipped rocks.  (Well, Caleb skipped them.  Alas, I have lost the touch.)  I took pictures, and we found shells and river glass and rocks and driftwood – all carefully tucked away and taken home like a child’s prize.


Yes, we had to share the place.  A group of four-wheelers decided it was a great day for the river too.  But we shared, and we had fun.  Most importantly, we took time to enjoy the beauty that Kansas holds.