Many people view work as a curse.  Live for the weekend!  TGIF!!!!  (Ok, I do get excited for the weekend, and Friday is my favorite day of the week.)  But people, especially Christians, shouldn’t necessarily view work as a curse.  Wait.  Whaaat?  When Adam and Eve sinned, they were banished from the garden and cursed with work, right?  I mean, there’s that whole Bible verse that says to Adam, “By the sweat of your brow you shall eat…”  BUT, God gave Adam work when he placed him into the perfect Garden of Eden, not after.  After sin came, no more Garden of Eden, so work just became hard and more difficult (aka, sweatier).

Therefore, I am thankful for the gift of work, and, more particularly today, the gift of the job God has given me.  Nine years ago yesterday, I started my current job.  Now I know I’ve written on here once in a while the joy of “not going to work” or “taking off early from work.”  A body gets tired of the same ol’ and needs a break once in a while, ok?

It is pretty much the best job for me though.  In the beginning when I was getting my undergrad degree, they let me arrange my work schedule around my class schedule.  They let me go full time after graduation.  They gave me 4 1/2 months off to go galavanting in Washington, DC.  For crying out loud, they let me have Derby City Wide Garage Sale Day and Black Friday off every year.

My boss is a Christian and is very concerned about us; my co-workers are wonderful to work with; the job itself, well, let’s just say that I never would have picked it, and that would have been a major loss in a major life category.  I really enjoy it and have learned so much.  Goes to show you that God knows what I need much better than I know.

So I am blessed with work in general and a good job in particular.  Aaaaaand I’ll continue to say, “Long live the weekend!”