I love decorating.  I follow quite a few decorating blogs and pour over the pictures to see just how they do what they do to make it look so amazing.  Thankfully for me, there are a multitude of blogs and places like Pinterest and Etsy out there to give this female some inspiration.  Today, I’m just going to post some pictures that I love from blogs that I love.  Some of these are project ideas that I’ll get around to someday…

IMG_9247Keeping It Cozy

IMG_9545Keeping It Cozy

079-1110-living-room-mdnThe Inspired Room


Kitchen! 008Tuesdays with Dorie

Fall-Mantel-Decorating-Inspiration-The-Lettered-CottageThe Lettered Cottage

Guest_Bedroom_Pictures-3The Lettered Cottage10291407714_fd807f0b27_cBeauty that Movesfall2Eclectically Vintagetable-on-ten-black-wallsvia

So that’s my blessing for today.  The carpet in our library is almost completed, so tomorrow when The Man is at work, I’m going to do me some decorating and putting some of these ideas into practice.  Let’s just say that this gal is EXCIIIIIIIIIIIIIITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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