Single and independent I was for many years.  If I didn’t know how to do something (which was often), I bluffed.  I became very good at bluffing.  Just look like you know what you’re doing, and other people will believe you even if you don’t believe you.

Then I got married.  Suddenly, there was This Man who could see past the bluff.  He admitted that he was kind of surprised in the beginning.  This confident female he had married actually turned out to often be needy.  Ugh.  This new found vulnerability annoyed me because it made me feel, well, so vulnerable.  *sigh*

Now, I know that I can’t rely on my husband to be God and meet every single need every single time.  That’s why God is there; He doesn’t disappoint or fail or let me down.  But, God knew that this female needed her a man, a good man who would, in his human-ness, always be there for me.

So, last week, This Man of mine worked a double shift (48 hours).  I hate double shifts, but I mentally prepared myself for it.  (Heavens, many women are separated from their men for much longer.)  But then he was going to go help coach basketball practice immediately after his second shift…which meant I wouldn’t see him for another whole day because I would then be at work.

He had been looking forward to basketball for months.  I wanted him to be able to do it.  But still, I pouted.  I stewed.  I whined during our phone call at the end of the second day.  It was just one of those times that I needed My Man.

The next morning, I lay in bed, preparing to rise and shine.  Then I hear the door open.  There Caleb stands.  He had skipped basketball because I was a brat who whined because I had needed him, and he knew it.

Sometimes, I think, “Good grief, Tammy.  Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.”  But those times when I can’t deal with it, I am so grateful that this girl is blessed with a good Man.


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