Everyday on the way to work, I pass this truck and sign.  Don’t you just love it?!?!?!  Talk about bringing back memories.

pickupI picture all those school field trips to the pumpkin patch.  The sun shines brightly but without the intensity of it’s summer heat.  The jacket I wear for the morning chill gets peeled off in the midst of a dusty field, for I have worked up a slight sweat hastily searching for that perfect pumpkin (hastily because the other kids my find it before I do).  After an eternity of searching and hemming and hawing, I tote that pumpkin back, setting it carefully next to me on the trailer as the tractor pulls us back to the barn.  I loved field trips to the pumpkin patch.  They’re one of those precious memories that come back to me this time of year.

Well, in this season of my life, I don’t go out to the patch to actually pick a pumpkin anymore.  But going to a farm is necessary…picking pumpkins at Dillons and Walmart just doesn’t have the same effect (though I do that as well).

There’s a produce farm just a mile from my parent’s home.  Just until a year ago, they simply put a trailer full of pumpkins by the road and a coffee can in a box.  You picked out your wares and put the money in the can on the honor system.  I loved that for the fact of it’s simplicity and trust and quaintness.  Now, they have you come to the barn to pick out and pay.  It is still quaint.

DSC00670Oh, the simple joys of picking out pum’kins.