The grocery store recently ran a sale on apples for $0.63/lb.  Aaaahhhhhh, I’ve been waiting for this day for months and months, and it is finally here.

I love applesauce, I truly do.  And call me an applesauce snob, but the store bought stuff…well, it’s ok.  I’ll eat it and even marginally enjoy it, but homemade applesauce?  ‘Tis the best.  Oh, and the smell of homemade applesauce simmering on the stove makes me want to squeal.  Wait, it does make me squeal…

So, I set out to get me some apples, fresh from the orchard.  Don’t you love how they come off the trees already with those little stickers on them?  Ok, so they came from the store.  Picking apples?  Eh, been there done that.  It’s quaint and oh-so fall-ish.  It’s also a lot of work…I mean, I’m already making applesauce, you want me to pick them too?  I think not.

DSC00683The peeling, coring and slicing is super simple with my garage sale, Pampered Chef Apple Peeler Corer Slicer.  Such a long and stupid name for such a life saving tool.


And likity split, there they are, simmering away.  I just wish the internet inventor people would come up with a smeller-sharer on here.

DSC00493Sadly, I am NOT a very good recipe follower.  I just dump and taste.  This is sad because I can never dump and taste exactly the same each time.  The first batch was, eh, ok.  The second batch was pure perfection, if I do say so myself.  (The key:  There IS such a thing as too much cinnamon and no amount of sugar can cover it up.)

Pour that perfection into jars, process in the oven, and here we are.  Blurry picture though it may be.

DSC00685I had to make a batch of apple pie filling too.  Because, well, I’m an apple pie filling snob too…DSC00664

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