I’ve come to enjoy the world of sewing.  Not that I’m all skilled and talented at it, but the ability to hem, mend, experiment and create at my own pace and on my own time is really quite liberating and, darest I say, fun!  In a fit of “I have to get such and such project done RIGHT NOW,” I set up the sewing machine in a random spot in the family room.  And there is sat for weeks and months.

DSC00486*sigh*  I told you here that our house is like an episode of Hoarders.  Yes, there’s a bottle of mayo, random purses and bags, boxes and a huge stain on the carpet that I need to work on.  (And this is a picture from the good angle!)

Anyway, we’ve also had this desk on our front porch for months and months.  It kind of gives us that redneck, messy porch look – hey, that’s a decorating style too!  Don’t judge.deskCaleb made it before we were married.  It’s come in handy.  It has even served well as scaffolding while we worked on the ceiling in the front room.  But it was just so big.  I didn’t know what to do with it.  So I tried to sell it…with no success.  Then one day, I had an epiphany.  *gasp* What a wonderful sewing table it would make!  And I had just the spot.

DSC00481It’s a little nook in our bedroom that was only being used for Caleb’s dresser.  (Our quaint old house is FULL of nooks.  It’s just taking a while for me to figure out what to actually do with them.)  So, I had a world of fun when Caleb was at work putting the desk back together, gathering all my sewing supplies and sewing machine that had found their home all throughout the house and setting up my little sewing nook.  Organizing is my true house love.  So.Much.Fun.

It’s really not “pretty” yet, but it’s a good start.  Little by little, I’ll work on the “pretty factor.”







So there is my little sewing nook, a place I’ve used and love already.


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