Caleb and I are blessed with a truly fabulous church that has an incredible music program.  Our music pastor puts hours and hours of work into his ministry, and his dedication blesses all of us.

Well, it is a special blessing to me, because he has put together an orchestra.  God has given talents to several members who are gifted with abilities to play the flute or violin, trumpet, trombone or tuba.  However, there aren’t nearly enough people to play every instrument in a full orchestra.  That’s my chance to participate.  We have about five keyboards that fill in the missing pieces – oboe, second trumpet, whatever is needed.  I can’t play those instruments, but I can play the piano…er, keyboard.

Last year, as we planned our wedding, I had to bow out of the orchestra because of a general lack of time available to commit to it.  I really was sad, because this is my favorite ministry.  Well, it’s been a year, things have settled down, and today, I was blessed with joining again.

I sat there, tapping my foot and carefully watching the director to make sure I didn’t lose the spot.  Across the stage sat my niece and former piano student Grace at another keyboard.  (Yes, I’m proud of her, can you tell?)  Another orchestra member said during practice, “Good to see you, Tammy!  It’s been forever since we’ve talked.”  It’s like a community within the church, a community I missed being a part of.  Sitting there listening to everyone join together to praise God just gives me the chills.

I wish I could have taken a picture, but, ummm, I was a little busy.  So, I found the song we played.  If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a music clip has to be worth at least 500 or so.  You can listen here.