Today, I left the house before the sun came up.  The morning was beyooteeful, and it begged me to sit and enjoy it for a while.  I didn’t do anything special.  I just turned off the car that I had backed out of the garage, grabbed my coffee and sat on the porch steps for a few minutes.  I basked in the chirping of the crickets and the crispness in the air.  The stars still sparkled in the west while a faint orange glow sat in the east.  And then the clock downtown chimed the hour.  I love that old clock downtown.  We are just two blocks from it, so it’s very easy to hear. 


‘Twas loverly.  I didn’t bother to grab my camera; there really wasn’t anything to take a picture of since we are in the middle of town.  I do enjoy pictures taken during that time though, so here a a few that other people have captured.


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