Alarm clock goes off.  Hit snooze.  Hit snooze again.  Hit it a couple more times.  Look at the clock.  *sigh*  Now I’m going to be late.  Serves me right.

Start the coffee.  Pour some cereal into a bowl.  Eat while blow drying hair.  Put on makeup; brush teeth; pick out clothes; slip on shoes.

Pack lunch.  Grab coffee.  Think, think, think, what did I need to bring with me today?  Tote things to car; make a second trip inside.  Grab jacket

Pull car from garage.  Throw house keys on passenger seat.  Pull out of drive.  Not a bad day; the sun is shining; the weather is cool.

School zones, those blasted school zones.  Sip on coffee while driving.  Too little sweetener.  *blech*

Join the traffic going to work, going to school, just going somewhere.  Listen to radio.  Traffic.  Why is it stopping?  There’s no light, no school zone.

Not my picture, but a picture just the same.
Not my picture, but a picture just the same.

Smile.  A line of innocent, waddling ducks that stops morning traffic always brightens my day.  A blessed reminder that life in the slow lane isn’t all bad.  In fact, it’s powerful.