As we continue this journey of remodeling our home, I consistently struggle with the “I must have it all looking like Better Homes and Gardens right NOW” syndrome.  Eh, that’s not the case in our little abode.  In reality, the place looks more like an episode of Hoarders.  The family room is packed with rolls of carpet, book shelves and various and sundry odds and ends.  The guest room is spilling forth with boxes of books, and the downstairs bathroom has paint cans, a shop vac and a bathtub full of tool bags.

I can often handle it with the excuse that we are making progress, but sometimes, it JUST GETS TO ME.  I want it to be beyooteeful, not a perpetual construction/moving site.  Sooooo, I decide, The Man needs my help.  Oh, not my actual physical help…just my help of suggesting what he needs to do.  Never mind that that he works all day on his days off tackling projects.  I think my suggestions must be more helpful than his current project.

So, whilst I labored at work today, The Man and I talked on the phone.  Here’s where I impart my wisdom.  “How ’bout you start tearing the garage shingles off?  I know you want to finish the house roof first, but in the meantime, you can get the garage done lickity split and then it would be done!”  (See how helpful I am?)  In the same conversation I add, “Are you going to rebuild the back porch this fall?  I know you are working on the deck but what about the porch?”  And, “What should we work on tonight – carpeting the library or something outside?  What do you mean you don’t want to carpet the library tonight?  It needs to be done!”  And so on and so forth I merrily go along.

That evening as we fixed supper together, The Man wanders to the back deck and says, “It sure is a mess back here!”  I look, and lo and behold, there are shingles everyyyywhere.  Yes, The Man had worked his fingers to the bone all day tearing off the four layers of shingles on the last side of the house.  Yes, he had planned on doing it; yes, he was in the middle of it when I was giving my suggestions; yes, he had wanted to surprise me.

And again, it reminded me – just like the times before when he surprised me by putting up the living room baseboard or the library crown molding – that I am blessed with a man who works hard and probably can do projects all on his own without my friendly suggestions.  🙂