Mediocrity.  It’s a state of being that must be shunned, must be rooted out.  I wrote a quote down that states, “Good is Best’s worst enemy.”  Don’t settle.  Be all that you can be.

Throughout life, I have translated the idea of “Do your best” into “Do the best” or “Be the best.”  When I was little, I would throw fits that I couldn’t do ___________ as good as Christy or Tracey.  I didn’t CARE that they were nine and eleven years older than me; I should be able to keep up.  When I entered Jr. High, I didn’t want to go to volleyball class because I didn’t know how to play.  Mom said, “No, duh.  That’s why you’re going.”

Throughout life, I avoided most areas where I wasn’t assured that I couldn’t excel…and I missed out on several opportunities.  If it wasn’t a missed opportunity, then often it was missed joy because of the drive that pushed me to do better.

If I was going to do something, I was going to go all out and at it or die trying.  I turned everything into a goal – relationships, hobbies, past times.  Grades in college?  Yeah, I had no life but I had good grades!  Only after graduation did it hit me…Why?  Sure, I felt a sense of accomplishment with a high GPA, but what did it really matter?

I won’t say that I haven’t enjoyed life and done really fun things.  I don’t want to run from my driven personality.  I just want to put it into context of the big picture and ENJOY the things I do badly.  Life is full of things I can’t do greatly or even well, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do them at all.  (Ok, that’s easy to say.  Just ask my husband if I do it very well.  😛  But it is still true, and I am seeking to implement that truth.)

As Beth Moore said, “Couldn’t the craving to do something great keep us from doing something good?”  There are areas I will keep seeking to be better, AND there are areas where I will enjoy blessing of mediocrity.