I am just old enough to remember the really good, classic cartoons on Saturday mornings (re-runs, of course).  Does anyone else shake their head and wonder why the Saturday shows now are called cartoons?  They’re downright creepy in my opinion.  At 10:00, I would often be perched on the couch or on the floor laughing at Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Elmer Fudd…all the oldie goldies.


Well, tonight, mom, Glorie, Caleb and I joined hundreds of like-minded Bug’s Bunny lovers at the symphony.  “At the symphony?!” you ask.  Yep, ’twas the best.  Our eyes and minds feasted on the old characters on the movie screen while listening to the orchestra play the music live.  You know, those cartoons were chock full of classical music; some had no dialogue at all, just Strauss and Bach and Mozart.  It wasn’t all music, there was the regular dialogue and sound effects.  I was completely amazed how well the musicians kept up with it, and they nailed the theme song.


We laughed hilariously throughout the entire concert as Pepe le Pew tried to woo the cat and Elmer Fudd tried to shoot the rabbit and the Puddy Tat tried to eat Tweety.  Never has a symphony flown by so quickly.  It was a most memorable evening!

That’s all, Folks!

that's all