I loved growing up on our little farm.  As I’ve mentioned before, mom loved animals, so we always had some sort of fluffy baby creature around.  Kittens were forced to be compliant as they were dressed in doll clothes and held like a baby while being fed with a bottle.  Goslings and ducklings were given tanks of water to paddle about.  Goat kids were born in the soft hay in the corner of the barn.  (Kids are THE cutest baby animal.)  Calves, while not a staple at our farm, were there intermittently, and they were a staple on grandpa’s farm.  (Yes, a calf birth was my introduction into that world when I was three or four.)  And then there were the chicks…always the chicks.

Oh, I could go on for hours with stories about chicks and chickens at our house.  We had an incubator and would hatch them quite often, or mom would let a hen set and have her own little brood.  Chicks and chickens were my mom’s favorite.  Yes, she loved one hen so much that she once put a leash on it and bring it in the house for a visit.  It was her pet.  Her pet wasn’t house trained.


I remember traipsing down to the basement to turn the eggs in the incubator every day (or was it twice a day?) and then watching expectantly through the window as the chicks pecked their way free.  We once constructed a splint for a deformed chick and taught it to walk.  We vacationed with that little chick because it couldn’t be left alone.  Imagine five people in a car with a chick that won’t shut up.  No worries.  Once we arrived at our friend’s house, their cat ate the chick.  Peace and quiet all the way home.

I had a pet chick living in my room (in a cage) for a while.  Her name was Ashley.  We would get her out on the kitchen linoleum floor and play with her.  Tracey had a pet chicken that sat on her shoulder wherever she went and as she worked.  We’ve had chicks living in boxes in our basement more years than I can count.

Oh, and I am DYING to share the funniest chick story of them all, but never fear, mom,  I will restrain myself.  Just imagine me telling you a story that makes you laugh so hard you wet your pants.


Ok, all this to say, chicks are fun and bring lots of memories.  Which is why I was thrilled when mom told me she had a hen who had hatched eight surprise chicks.  (No one knew she was setting!)  So, I got to visit them and hold them and oooo and ahh for a short while the other day.  I tell you, they’re cute.  And that’s my blessing for today.