Today, I shall again write about a very simple thing.  Sure, it would be fascinating if every day I could say something about great adventures skydiving or exploring the African Sahara or even mentioning a hilarious story.  But it’s the simple pleasures of every day that make life go ’round.  It the little things in daily life that we must be grateful for.  It’s the tiniest of joys that make me squeal like a little girl.  So today, I am thankful for…


…my caulking squeegee!!!!!!!!  I know, impressive, right?  But there are some things that you live without and then discover said thing and wonder, “Where have you been my whole life?”

I was preparing to caulk the tops of our newly installed baseboard the usual way, run a bead of caulk, smooth it out with my finger, wipe excess off the freshly painted wall and baseboard, re-do caulking that has been messed up by wiping down of wall, wash caulk from fingers before it dries, repeat until all is done.

Then, my dear, dear husband said, “Wait, I have something.”  And he gets this here little caulk squeegee tool thing.  It does everything (except run the bead of caulk) in ONE step.  Brilliant.  And brilliant of my man to have one and know what it is!  I squealed, yes, I did, and did a little happy dance too.

I am convinced that 90% of the difference between a professional and an amateur is the tools they use.  So, my fellow remodeling kindred spirits, there is your tip of the day.  And to those people who have no idea or care of what I just said in this post, just yawn and click to the next blog post.  🙂