I have always loved good quotes.  For years now, I have had a journal for, what are to me, are the most important or helpful thoughts from other people.  Recently, I was flipping through this journal, and it struck me, though these quotes were not original to me, how I could follow the events in my life based on the thoughts I had written down at the time.

The beginning of the journal holds ideas I encountered when I was in high school and ready to go and change the world.

        “The price of greatness is responsibility.”  –Winston Churchill

        “Well done is better than well said.”  –Benjamin Franklin

There came the time to leave home for the first time as a college freshman.

        “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”  –Jane Austin

And the times of seeing friends leave the life of singleness (and leaving me, so I thought) for a new chapter called marriage.

        “A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it when my memory fails.”

There were the years of struggling through college and wondering if it was worth the time and money.

        “There are two things that I want you to make up your minds to:  first, that you are going to have a good time as long as you live – I have no use for a sour-faced man – and next, that you are going to do something worth while, that you are going to work hard and do the things you set out to do.”  –Theodore Roosevelt

And the years I threw myself into local politics and trying to make the change I dreamed of in high school.

        “Have the courage of your convictions to stand up for what you believe and say it in plain words.”  –Glen Beck

Finally came the pages when Caleb and I started dating and the moments I started FREAKING out when faced with choosing my future.

        “The will of God is not so much a point or a dot or something that you miss as it is a matter of the heart.”  –Chip Ingram

Then the journal pages filled with quotes I grasped in a time of heart break.

        “Energize my limp hand, strengthen the rubbery knees.  Tell fearful souls, ‘Courage!  Take heart!  God is here, right here, on His way to put things right and redress all wrongs.  He’s on His way!  He’ll save you!'”  –Isaiah 35:3-4

        “I can’t; He never said I could.  He can; He always said He would.”  –Chip Ingram

I have always been an opinionated person, so looking back at these times in my life sometimes make me shudder at my opinionated, tunnel-visioned self, sometimes it makes me smile at the hopes and dreams I had, and oft times it makes me grateful for where God has led me to and through.

        “I will praise You forever for what You have done; in Your name I will hope, for Your name is good.  I will praise You.”  –Psalm 52:9