Going to mom and dad’s house means good times, wonderful memories, fun conversation and yummy food.  For holidays, my mother asks each of her daughters to bring food in a certain category (ie salad, dessert) and checks that category off her “must make list.”  Then the day before or the day of the get-together, she worries that we’ll run out of food and makes items in those categories as well.  The result?  Tables laden with yumminess and stomachs perpetually stuffed with delicacies.

Well, today was no holiday; it wasn’t a birthday or family get-together.  I just went over to chat and crochet for a couple hours when Caleb was at work.  But what do my wondering eyes behold, but a freshly baked peach pie.  Larapin.  That’s all I can say.  Topped with ice cream and followed with coffee…larapin.