In honor of our one year engagement anniversary, My Man told me this morning, “Your job is to decide where you want to go tonight for a date for our anniversary.”  Oooo, a date!  Seeing that The Man isn’t really into celebrating “anniversaries” that aren’t really the actual (wedding) anniversary, the fact that he wanted to “celebrate” made it extra special.

When we were dating, we went bowling once in a while.  So bowling, I decided, would be just the thing for tonight’s outing.  It is a friendly, climate controlled game that both of us can play with just a touch o’ competition.  Just a touch…

…we got to the alley, and Caleb announced, “You know, I think we’re tied as far as who’s won in the past.”  We haven’t bowled in a year.  The Man’s got a memory.

We had a wonderful time, keeping track of the scores and vying for “the best two out of three.”


Who won the night, you ask?  My lips are sealed.  But our touch o’ competition will live on.