Since we are in the middle of our house renovations, our date night outings/quick errands/let’s run by after church trips are often to Lowes.  It’s handy; it’s convenient; it’s comfortable.  But sometimes comfortable can be costly.  What I mean is, it pays to shop around.  Not that Lowes doesn’t have good deals; it does.  But this is usually the exception rather than the norm, at least in my experience.

In our fair city, we have many hardware store options – Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, True Value, Sutherlands – just to name some off the top of my head.  Yes, they run sales that can save you a few dollars on an item, but really they basically have the same prices.  It was time to think outside the big box store.

A while back, mom clued me in to a local damaged freight store.  I don’t know why they call it damaged freight cause the stuff is good.  Real good.  We decided to put crown moulding in our library.  I compared prices and found that the “normal” stores carried it for $10 per 8 foot length.  We decided to take a gander at Damaged Freight to see if they had some.  Boy, did they have some!  They had stacks and stacks of trim – wide trim, narrow trim, short trim, long trim, fancy trim, plain trim.  And the best part?  We found it for $3.50 per 8 foot length.  A difference of $6.50 for the EXACT same thing.  Multiply that by the five boards we bought, and it adds up quickly.  I.Was.Stoked.

Yes, we will still frequent Lowes, but more often, I hope to shop at places like Damaged Freight and Habitat Restore.  They’re like the garage sales for hardware stores!  🙂