That was my wish as a ten-year-old.  “I wishhhhhhh, I wish I was locked in a library for a whole month!” said my ten-year-old self.  I would come home with stacks of books and read them within a week or two.  When mom took me garage saling, my area of interest were the boxes of books, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Trixie Belden, American Girl, Mandie, just to name a few.  If a sale didn’t have any interesting books, I would disgustedly declare it “a waste of time.”  My bedtime  was often extended without my parent’s knowledge by stuffing a rag under the door to keep the light from shining through and reading well into the night.  (There my devious childhood not-so-secret secret is out.)  And the worst punishment mom could hand down to me was to take away the book I was reading for a period of time.


And then came college.  Reading?  Hardy-har-har-har.  Oh, I read alright, but reading for fun became an extremely rare occurrence.  And then, little by little, I began to get back into the habit.  Sometimes I read a lot, sometimes nothing for several months.  Then came last year and writing a book and planning a wedding and buying a house and renovating said house and settling into married life and my reading once again became a thing of the past.  But lately…

…I’ve been reading again!  I finished TWO whole books within one month’s time!  This is indeed an accomplishment.  I’m back into the world of World War II spies (yes, one of my favorite subjects) and mystery and intrigue.  I’m back into staying up way later than I planned and living to regret it in the morning.  I’m back into tearing bits of newspaper or napkin or kleenex (ok, and sometimes toilet paper if you must know) in order to mark my spot in the book ’cause I’m forever losing my bookmark.

At least for now, I’m back in the world of reading, and it is a wonderful world indeed!

(Oh, and if you want my personal recommendation of the very best non-fiction World War II book that will keep you up until 2 am, see below!  There are three in the series.  Seriously, check it out – they start at $0.24 on Amazon!)