*sigh*  This morning feels like fall.  Need I say more?

The 95 degree days gave way to cloudy skies and cooler weather (at least for a little while).  The nursery stand I pass everyday on the way to work is filled with mums and straw bales and pumpkins.  (I shall not be able to pass it for long without stopping.)  Like I’ve said before, I don’t dislike summer, not in the very least.  I just adore fall.  Each year I say it’s my favorite, then spring comes and I say that’s my favorite.  Choices, choices.

Well, today called for a stop at Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte.  Ok, I’m not a part of the drink’s “cult following” I’ve heard described.  I’d just as soon make my pumpkin spice latte at home, but it just didn’t happen at home today.


Last year, Caleb and I had our engagement pictures taken in the fall.  The memory makes me smile and makes the season that much more special.  It was a wonderful time!


And then there’s fall decorating.  I love, love, love getting the fall issues of Country Living or reading the fall posts on decorating blogs I follow.  Mom has just about as many fall decorations as Christmas decorations, and I always loved pulling out the boxes and setting everything up with the first sign of crisp leaves.  Will I attempt anything like it at my home this year?  Eh, I’m not sure.  If I do, it will be no more than a couple pumpkins or something.  But someday…






Oh, the wonderfulness of autumn!