I go to mom and dad’s house every Wednesday afternoon to teach piano to some of the Gimben munchkins.  It’s nice to have regular scheduled times to go back “home” because, despite best intentions, it doesn’t otherwise happen unless there’s a birthday or holiday.

Each time I go, they always ask, “Do you need this?  Do you want some of that?”  The cucumbers in dad’s garden have been multiplying like the oil in the widow’s jar.  And this year, they’ve tasted especially good.  Dad has loaded us down with them every time we see him.  Since I’ve been experimenting with how to make pickles this year, having an abundance of cucumbers has been handy.

So today was no different except for the fact that they gave us a whole bunch of stuff.  I had to make a couple trips to the car just to carry it all.

There were the cucumbers, of course.  Oh, and some okra mixed in.  Nuthin’ like fried okra!


And mom is always asking if we need eggs.  Farm fresh eggs?  And the number of eggs we go through?  Yes, pleeeeease.  (I didn’t get a picture of these though.)

My dear sweet mother has been in the throes of canning. as usual.  When I call, she’s usually working on jelly or cucumbers or tomatoes or some such thing.  Well, she shared her hard work with us.  Some tomatoes…


…and her to-die-for red cinnamon pickles that take forever to make.  I thought about saving them for a special occasion…yeah, that lasted maybe 10 minutes.  Caleb wanted to have them for supper, but I said they’re better cold.  So he sticks them in the freezer for a few minutes.  Good enough, right?


And dad is letting us borrow his router bits.  Caleb and I are using Tim G’s router to make our own baseboard in the front room.  We needed a router bit to match the finish cut I want, so we traipse off to Lowes.  I think we stood there for 15 minutes trying to figure out which one and wincing at the price of something we’ll not need again.  Then, a light bulb went off in my head.  “Hey, I bet dad has some!”  Cause, you see, dad has everything.  We often joke about going to his “store” to get stuff.  As usual, he came through along with an explanation of which one I’d probably need and how to do that.  So much better than Lowes.

So that’s my parents, the ones who’ve always given themselves to family and friends and neighbors and strangers (literally).  I’m so blessed!