Glory spent the night this weekend.  I don’t have the nieces/nephews over as much as I should.  Life is still settling down or refuses to settle down or something.  But this weekend, we made it happen.

She and mom kindly spent hours helping me paint the library.  (“Glory, you want to spend the night?  You’re handy slave labor.”  Yeah, I’m fun for sure!)  But we did relax too.  Like eat a huge bowl of popcorn while watching a Cary Grant movie and then more food while watching John Wayne.  (Both of us are in love with a lot of dead actors…hey, they’re way better!)

By the end of the second movie, it was 12:30.  Yes, 12:30 am.  I am NOT a late night person, never really have been, never will be.  I told her, the last time I stayed up that late was the last time she spent the night many moons ago.

In the morning, after we slept in and I let her make smoothies for us and heated up some waffles and made coffee, she said, “Man!  I like coming over.  You spoil me!”  Ummmm, the kid is easy.

We then went back to painting.