Last night as Caleb and I took an evening walk, he said, “There’s no wind.”  Not only was there no wind, but there was no breeze, no rustling of leaves, just silence.

We get so used to noise all around that silence to us is the lack of someone talking or horns honking or radio blaring, but what about what we call “white noise”?  It is NOISE too.  Have you ever had it stop and then you think, “It is so silent“?  There are a few rare moments like last night when that has occurred for me, and when it does, I adore it.  Times like…

~ When I’m sitting in my office and the air conditioning stops blowing through the vents.  Granted, I wouldn’t want it to stay off for very long, but I love to sit there and dwell in the complete silence.

~ When we would visit my grandparents in Gove.  (Ever heard of it?  Yeah, didn’t think so).  I would step outside at night to look at the stars and there would be no sound.  Silence.  It is a fond memory.

~ When it would snow or ice hard enough so that the traffic on the interstate by my home growing up would stop.  The constant “white noise” of cars driving by suddenly halted.  It was if time stood still in a world of wintery white.  Blessed silence.

Most people, including myself, need white noise.  At night, we have to have a fan blowing to lull us to sleep (or cover other unwanted noises).  And constant and complete quiet would obviously be too much of a good thing.  But every once in a while when everything stops.  I am reminded of the blessing of silence.