I love gardening and flowers and English cottage gardens and all that divine stuff.  This spring I was eager to get outside and plant a vegetable garden behind the garage and flowers in front of the house.  But since then it’s been a story of maintaining but not improving on my part.  However, I do have a domesticated man.

After mowing the yard one day, he was in a moment of longing for carefree, non-house-owner, single days.  “I am such a domesticated home owner,” he moaned.  “But you make such a cute domesticated home owner,” replied I.  He does indeed.  I like to tease him about it once in a while.


Thankfully, my domesticated man is a hard working man as well.  He’s not only maintaining our little plot of ground, he’s improving it, little by little.  His latest project is removing the hundreds (or so it seems) of paver stones around the yard.  Will we be able to use some of them?  Yes.  But, really?!  Do they have to be in the middle of the yard so you can’t mow without severely mutilating the mower blades?


So, as I said, he’s been tearing out paver stones and chopping down weeds and smoothing out dirt, and someday, we just might have that English cottage garden after all.