One of the blessings of summertime is the glorious fresh fruits and vegetables.  You know the moment you have to buy a tomato in the store in the dead of winter…I think everyone can agree that that experience is cringe-worthy.

My tomato plants did fairly well this year and they finally produced enough of the red gold to be able to can three jar fulls.  (I’m dreaming of homemade chili in a few months.)  The number of tomatoes is kind of a bummer because all I can remember is spending hours at home growing up canning jar after jar of the stuff, but three is better than none, right?


Then there’s our peach tree.  I’m delighted!  Our very own peach tree planted by who knows who or how long ago.  I’ve always love fruit trees but never had any.  Unfortunately, this spring as the tree was in full blossoming beauty, we had a nice freeze.  Those flowers were so pretty encased in ice but it did the poor things in this year.  As Caleb and I looked out the window this weekend though, we saw a peach fall to the ground.  He went out and found two of them laying in the grass.  (Is it laying or lying…I can never remember.)  Those two little survivor peaches made me excited.


Theeeeen, Caleb asked me this weekend, “Do you know that bush thing I wanted to cut down?  Well, it’s an apple tree.”  Yes, an APPLE tree!!!!  Ok, tree is kind of too-nice a word.  It used to be a tree, and somebody at sometime decided to cut it off about a foot from the ground.  The perky little thing came back though, and sprouted all kind of branches so that’s it’s more like a tall bush.  And hanging high in the air is one lone apple.  (I didn’t get around to taking a picture.)  We shall nurture and prune and care for that little apple bush, and someday it will hold loads of fruit.  I just know it.