I realized after the fact that I stayed home ALL stinkin’ day today.  I mean alllllllll day.  No short trip to Dillons, no quick run to Lowes, nuthin’.  THAT, my dear friends, is an accomplishment.  I luv mah home.

Today’s goal was to get the library walls sanded, respackled and cleaned for painting on Monday (oh, did I mention it’s a three day weekend?  I shall insert a little girl’s giggle here).  The Man was working, so it was just me, myself and I and the palm sander.



Beautiful, I know

Beautiful, I know

Well, it took until 8:00 that night, and it required a long shower afterwards, but the goal was accomplished and the library is closer to being done!  I can’t say that the rest of the house is in great shape.  There’s a thin layer of white dust with various and sundry foot prints throughout on the front room’s wood floors a single set of very white foot prints on our very red upstairs carpet where I decided to walk without taking off my shoes, and when I went barefoot in the bathroom, I could feel a fine dusty grit on the floor.  So, it’s safe to say that the entire house is covered with the dust despite my attempts to keep it contained.  However, I do not care, for the library is SANDED!!!  (Yes, I’m humming “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!”)