Ok, so this will be a short post today.  I am hurrying, trying to get things done so I can go home to change to go to the gym and go home again and change again and fix supper and load a huge pile of limbs to take to the in-law’s burn pile and visit with the in-laws and go home again and shower and change again and hopefully have time to sit down for a few minutes before bed.  There.  Did you get that?  🙂

Buuut, that is not to say that I’m not grateful for today’s blessing…just rushed.

Bunnies.  I love them.  I love that my mom loves them and was/is always up for raising and nurturing and caring for random stray animals.  Cotton tail baby bunnies were no exception, actually they were fairly common in our house.  Well, here’s a sweet picture of Glorie taking care of one of the newest cotton tail bunnies at mom’s house.  Glorie has received mom’s love of everything that has to do with animals.  They are both better than I, but I enjoy those fluffy little dearies too.




And, yes, Glorie is sitting on the (closed) toilet.  It was a small enclosed room in which escapee bunnies couldn’t go far.  Mom kept saying, “Tammy, don’t get a picture of the toilet paper!”  Sorry, mom.