For a while now, I’ve been scheduled to hold a book signing “tour” in western Kansas.  Since Grandpa Zimmerman (who the book is about) lived in Quinter and a lot of family still live there and around Hays, I thought it fitting to do some events in that area.

Mom has been planning to go with me since things were scheduled.  She is always faithful to come along to each and every book event to help and talk and promote and do all those wonderful things moms do.

The couple weeks leading up to this weekend, however, I still wasn’t sure if My Man would be joining us.   I hated to ask him to come because, after all, it would be a weekend filled with libraries and visiting extended family and not much else – a fascinating prospect for The Man.  So, I would do the annoying female thing and say, “If you want to come you can, but don’t feel like you have to.”  Of course, all females know that that translates into “I really want you to come and if you don’t I’ll be really disappointed.”  The poor males in this world have to guess at the meaning of our words though.  (And, yes, I know I need to work on saying what I mean and not making him guess at it.)

Anyway, since he had to work during the weekend, he decided he would stay home.  I was sad.  Truly and honestly sad.  I didn’t want to throw a fit (though heaven knows I can), and I knew it wouldn’t be much fun for him, but I’m still in the I-don’t-want-to-leave-you-I-want-to-show-you-off-to-everybody stage in newly married life.  I cried slightly.

As I said before, I am trying on expressing what I’m thinking instead of veiling it in “if you want” verbiage.  So I called The Man back later and said, “You know I reeeeeally want you to go, don’t you?”  You know what that guy said to me?!  “I called _____ and asked if he could cover my shift at work.”  Yes, he did.  He took off work to go on a not-so-funish trip just for me.  He is a faithful man.

And then, last minute, we called Christy to see if one of her kids could come with us.  Aaron likes us (or at least he said he liked Caleb), so he begged to be the one.  We can always count on those good ol’ Gimben kids.  There is always at least one ready and willing to go on a trip and fill in the gaps.  (I’m not sure if they know what handy gap-fillers they are.)  Aaron was our dear faithful Gimben this weekend.



So those were my weekend faithfuls.  The people who don’t complain, who go with the flow, who teach me a ton about patience in life.