I have the most amazing co-workers.  They are fun, funny, light hearted (most of the time) and easy to work with.  Three of them are born again Christians; two of them are from my church; one of them has been a friend since we were wee little thangs.

This one friend/co-worker regularly has me coming up to her desk saying, “Amaaaaanda???  Do you have any chocoooolate?”  You see, if I bring snacks or candy or chocolate to work, I would snarf them down within that very day afternoon hour.  So I don’t bring anything besides my lunch.  Then I eat my lunch and kick myself for not bringing any dessert or treat, thus my bugging Amanda.  Sometimes she comes through, aaaand sometimes I have run her completely out of chocolate, so she can’t help me.

Well, today, she came through…BIG TIME.  She said there would be a treat at 2:00.  I was like a little kid, clapping and smiling and greatly anticipating a “treat.”  (Yes, ’tis a sad state of affairs I’m in.)  Back comes Amanda to my desk with a paper plate covering another paper plate with a surprise inside.  I leefted the top plate and peered in, and what do my wondering eyes behold?!  Two freshly baked, warm and crunchy and gooey chocolate chip cookies.  Yes, this co-worker of mine had brought in cookie dough and baked these delightful morsels in the break room’s toaster oven.


I ooed and aaaahed and totally lost myself in those cookies for the few seconds it took to eat them.  Yes, what a blessing it is to have a co-worker/friend who makes you homemade cookies at work.  🙂