Some blessings are large and long awaited; some blessings are small and unexpected (though no less important).  Today’s blessing is of the former variety.

As we were driving to Olathe, Caleb and I talked almost non-stop.  One of the topics of conversation was that, though we can’t see ourselves turning down great riches if they were offered to us, we are completely content in our financial station in life – God has blessed us not too much, not too little but juuuuust right (say that in a Goldilocks voice).  If we could afford to go buy anything and everything our little minds conceived, then the anticipation and pride of hard work (pride in a good way) of saving up for something would be lost.  We believe the life of the super rich would be blah and boring (really, what do we know…that’s just the way it seems to us).

Why were were driving to Olathe, you ask?  To look at this beautiful baby.

pickup 1


We have been saving our pennies for a while and a couple months ago were finally able to start looking for a replacement vehicle for Caleb.  He searched and scoured the web for a long time.  (Does anyone enjoy vehicle shopping?  I certainly don’t.)

Last week we made a last minute, late evening, late night trip to Muskogee, Oklahoma.  We arrived and looked at the pickup, and it was kind of, “eh” for us.  We kind of tried to talk ourselves into it, for we had driven quite a ways in anticipation of purchasing the vehicle.  But it just wasn’t right.  It was the kind of disappointment not of “Oh, I love that car but I can’t have it” but more like a “Oh, I want this to be all over.  I wish we could like this one.”

Anyway, God protected us from buying that well worn, much smaller, not as pretty pickup because He knew that He would give us a much better one.

I’m so proud of My Man.  He is the voice of reason when I start to get cold feet; he is the tireless searcher of something in our price range; he is the checker outer of vehicles (and even though he may not feel confident in is checker outer abilities, I feel confident in them, and it sure impresses the car salesman).



All the saving and waiting and searching and calling paid off ’cause we drove away with these.


And this time, the late night trek home wasn’t a bit disappointing or nearly as exhausting.