I love working with kids in our church.  There are a lot of them, to be sure, and putting so many young, hyper, inquisitive miniature people in one room is usually recipe for exhaustion.  But it is worth it.

I have been working in Jr. Church for the past two months and also preparing to start up the Awana and Cherub Choir year.  I must admit, there are more than a few incorrigible boys (and girls) who I would absolutely love to hog tie or have a very large person sit on them for a while.   Is it really impossible to be silent for two whole minutes???

But then, as I teach the Bible lesson about Elisha, I look to the back row to Mister G (as I shall call him).  I look at him, sitting straight and silent.  His eyes are wide as he listens about Elisha’s adventures with a fiery chariot and horses.  I look at his attentive face and think when he was in my Cherub Choir as a three, four and five year old.  I remember all those weeks of thinking, “I wish I could hog tie Mister G.  He’s got to be one of the most rambunctious children ever.  Why can’t he just sit still and listen?!”

Well, he is sitting still now; he is listening; he is learning; he is becoming a godly little man, just like many of those other boys someday will.  As I separate Mister B from Mister R for the fifth time, I have hope, for Mister G has taught me a lesson.