It’s been raining.  A lot.  About every other day for the past week or two (I lose track), the sky has opened up and poured forth.  As it happens, sometimes people I run across make some comment like, “Aaww, I know we’ve needed rain, but I wish it would stop.”  I’m never sure what to say to these comments, because I.Love.It.  Keep it coming!

What’s cute is that my Wonderful Man loves it too, more than I do.  We were working in our library room after supper, spackling and sanding when Caleb asked if I wanted to go for a walk.  So go for a walk we did.  By the time we got outside, it was nearly dark, the wind had picked up considerably, and the temperature dropped.  So, we donned our hoodies and set out.  Talk and walk, walk and talk, and then it started sprinkling and then raining and lightning and thundering and raining harder.  But we strolled along, walking in the rain, me hanging onto The Man’s arm partly because it was pretty cold and partly because there was lighting all around.

We got close to home, and I was ok with going on in despite the fun of walking in the downpour and splashing in puddles (like I said, it were kinda chilly).  My poor guy though, he didn’t want to go in; he was like an enraptured little boy.  (I hope he doesn’t mind me calling him that…I mean it in the most manly, amazing, wonderful way possible.)  He stayed outside, in the rain, having a world of fun.  I watched from the warmth of the house and laughed at his antics and was so glad that he enjoys life.

Later when we had dried off and warmed up, the Sweetest of all men asked if I wanted to sit on the porch for a while.  So, we sat on our glider (aren’t front porches of old houses the most wonderful thing?) and cuddled and snuggled under the blanket he had brought and just…listened to the dripping remnants of the storm.

Rain is a good thing.  🙂