I must admit, I didn’t really have a great day at work.  Sleep was not peaceful the night before; I woke up tired and dreading having to leave the house (never a good sign); and I spent most of the day very busy and in a not-so-great mood.  Honestly, I can’t say the day was bad (just my attitude), but by the afternoon, I was making more than a few dumb mistakes and had a headache.  So, you can imagine, I was less than thrilled to go to the gym later on.

On the drive home I kept saying to myself, “I am going; I am going.”  When I got home I argued with myself, “You are going; you are going.”  I went upstairs and changed; aaaaaand then I walked downstairs with the full intention of calling My Man and backing out.  But I walked into the kitchen and saw these:


Now, this may be a silly thing to write about, and the post may be a little redundant since I recently wrote about me going to the gym, but when I saw those ear buds, I absolutely could not back on that dear, sweet, thoughtful man of mine.

You see, for the past, oh I don’t know, three years (?) I’ve been using those dumb ear buds that aren’t shaped like your ear.  And, to make matters worse, they are ones I got for free on an airplane flight.  Hey, they worked!  (At least during the times they weren’t falling out.)  Caleb was mildly appalled at my choice of ear buds (I say mildly ’cause the man doesn’t get too worked up about anything and the word “appalled” is kind of stretching it to describe his reaction).

Anywho, I thought it extremely cute and all that is wonderful that he took the time today to buy me new ones – in a color I like – and set them on the counter for me to find and use.  Now how could I back out of our gym meeting after that?

So that’s my daily blessing.  Yes, very simple, but isn’t that the joy of our ordinary, daily life?