So Anna’s birthday was Friday.  We celebrated with the family last week in combination with dad’s birthday and we gave her her present then, but I forgot to call the little dear ON her birthday.  (I know, what kind of aunt am I?)  It worked out just perfectly fine though, and I really don’t think she cared.

But, it was necessary to take her out for a post-birthday Sonic drink just because.  It was a little difficult for her to decide whether she wanted a pink or a purple slushie.

Me:  “Do you like purple?”


“Or do you want pink like your Hello Kitty shirt?”  (Because every girl needs options, ya’ know.)


“Ummm, so pink?”

Her pointing to her pink clothes, “No, purple!”

“That’s pink.  Do you want pink?”

“Purple!”  pointing to her pink clothes again.

Forget the options, girl.  Your getting pink.


We take the drinks back to my house for a tea party with Cheezits and an adventure finding caterpillars and filling her new Hello Kitty purse with money and stickers and stuff.  ‘Twas fun.  ‘Twas memorable.