It’s no secret that I love garage sales, and it’s pretty obvious that I love city wide garage sales.  I mark them on my calendar.  I plan my schedule so that I can go to them, if at all possible.  Well, today was the mother of all city wide garage sales, and I was excited.

Up before dawn (5 AM to be exact), I get myself ready, brew the coffee and check the stash of cash and change.  I step outside in the cool, dark morning.  Aaaahhhh, it’s rare that I’m outside that early, and it always reminds me of special times, of great anticipation of things to come.  I take Caleb’s Jeep because there’s no way I’m going to a city wide in a car.  Unfortunately, my man had to work, so he couldn’t accompany me on this adventure, but Matthew Hock was game!


I picked him up and we journeyed on, arriving in the town still before the sun was up, so to kill a teensy bit o’ time, we stopped by the doughnut shop.  Uhuh.  Fresh, gooey, doughnuts.  Mmmmmmm…

Yes, the morning was a success for Matthew and me.  He was invaluable in loading my purchases and stuffing and cramming them in and then unloading to rearrange so we could stuff and cram some more.  He told me later that he had wondered why I thought I needed a bigger vehicle.  He now knows.  Boy, does he know.  🙂


I crossed a few things off my list, like a wheelbarrow for $5 so now we can return Caleb’s parent’s wheelbarrows back to them.  Like a brand new 5 gallon water cooler for $2 so we can return my parent’s water cooler back to them.  And other various and assundry treasures.  Seriously, I was supposed to pass up that old door?!  I don’t think so.  I already have a spot picked out for it.

Yep, like I said, the morning was a success.