Yesterday was one of those, mmmm, really fun days.  I didn’t go on a fantastic trip or stumble upon a wad of cash.  Other than a fire at the office the day was normal stuff, but I enjoyed it immensely!  So it’s going to be today’s blessing even though it happened yesterday.

Leeeeet’s see how ’bout looking down the dark office hall and seeing the outline of the most wonderful man with a Starbucks drink in his hand?  Yes, please…to both.


I’ll also take the quiet morning at work.  It has been extremely busy lately, so a morning of work with no phones ringing, no rush to get something in the mail right now, no questions…aaaaahhhhh, peace and quiet.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my job; I also like the peace and quiet once in a while.  🙂

The fire adventure?  Yep, I liked it.  You always need a little excitement in the day!

Exciting news about upcoming events for my book…praise the Lord!  I haven’t really been working on marketing like I should, so I am continually amazed how people will call me to set something up.  It’s gonna be excitin’!

The unexpected afternoon off of work, I love that too!  Well, you see I had a really important errand to run – to TJ Maxx.  Have you been there lately?! *gasp*  I died and went to heaven.  No time constraint, just a cart llllloaded with decorating stuff for the front room, cheap stuff at that.  I collected pillows and laid them out to see if they matched; I grabbed a lamp to set the ensemble off; I found a woven basket and knick knacks.  Oh, and the most exciting find were table clothes in a fabric I’ve been searching high and low for.  I think I shall make pillows like the one here.  And then taking it home and arranging it…ummmm, fun!

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Scraping wallpaper and mudding the library walls, going to the gym, fixing and cleaning up from supper, taking a walk, reading a book, watching a show – all with my sweetie.

Yes, ’twas a blessed day of stuff.