It was a typical Tuesday morning.  I drove to work and anticipated yet another day at the ol’ office.  Typical.  Just like always, I parked my car and gathered my purse and coffee, you know, the important stuff.  I walked towards the office building as usual, dodging the cracks in the paving that threatened to, yet again, trap my high heels.  (Oh, the dangers of business clothes!)  I walked in with a guy from another office that I see often as he is one us few brave souls who park in the “back 40” of the lot.

“I hear the power’s out,” says he.

“Oh?”  I’m not really surprised.  It’s happened a few times here and there, and we had storms last night.  They usually get it going in an hour at the very most.

I step onto the elevator with four other people…and that is when the day left it’s usual route.  Have you ever ridden in a dark elevator?  Hmmm.  Well, it’s an adventure to be sure.  Just be prepared to stop on every floor because you can’t see which button to push, so you push all of them.

Have you ever sat and tried to “work” in an office with no electricity all morning?  Not too terribly bad, I mean, there was light from the window down the hall.  It was getting a little stuffy in there though.

Have you heard the building fire alarm go off and just sat there because you though it was just an accident by the electric guys?  What can I say…I don’t get too excited about fire alarms.

After about three hours in the office and fifteen minutes of that dumb alarm going off, I told the two other people in the office that I was just going to go home since they obviously weren’t going to get the power on any time soon.  So I gather my purse and my Starbucks drink (oh, the man came to visit this morning and brought it – more on that later).  I eat my sandwich before leaving and then mosey towards the front.  Amanda and I are just getting ready to walk out as a fireman walks by.  Hmm, maybe the alarm is being for real?

We step into the hallway, and Mr. Firefighter says, “Yeah, ladies, you need to leave.”  I think I’m good with that, especially as I see smoke coming from the stairwell door.

We squeeze past another firefighter laying out a house in the stairwell.  Pardon us, we’re just a couple dumb females who wanted to finish their lunch before leaving.  Walking seven flights down in a pretty smokey stairwell smelling strongly of an electrical fire?  Nope, never done that before either!

Once outside, we join our other office inmates milling about and staring at the building.  There are eight fire vehicles on our side of the building and more on the other side.  Three trucks send up there ladders to the seventh floor-ish; multiple firemen enter the building with axes and picks and things I don’t know the term for.  (Caleb told me later but I forgot.)


It’s not like it was a scary fire.  No rush; no people slung over a fireman’s shoulder as he exited the building.  But it was kind of exciting all the same.  Turns out there was an electrical fire between the seventh and eighth floor?  I put the question mark there because whoever you talk to has a different story.  But I think my version is mostly correct as I heard it from the electricians the next day.


So, anywhos, I am thankful for events to break up the humdrum of life.  I am thankful that it wasn’t a serious fire, just an interesting small fire.  I am thankful for an unexpected afternoon off of work.  And most of all, I am thankful for firefighters (though the most important firefighter of all time wasn’t working that day.  The others are nice but don’t really hold a candle to him.  Bwahahaha!  Pun intended.)

The end.DSC00295