Today is my dad’s 65th birthday.  (it’s not a bad thing to tell a dad’s age is it?)  Anyway, I can’t believe how very blessed I am to have him.  As I look back through the years at what he’s sacrificed for me and for our family, I am amazed that there is a person in this world that is so selfless in life.

We’ve always joked that with three daughters, dad lived in a girls’ dorm.  Well, not until I was married did I realize how very true that was.  (I never knew guys were such…well…GUYS.)

He put off owning his dream Harley for years so that we could go to camp and have braces and take family vacations.  He sat through endless hours of Anne of Green Gables and Pride and Prejudice and Wives and Daughters (don’t be fooled, he loved those movies too).  He gave me a love for John Wayne movies and vegetable gardens and halva (it’s something you eat, but I’m not sure what it is).

Words can never do him justice.  All I know is that I am blessed!

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