Home.  It’s a beautiful word and a beautiful place.  I love going places and seeing things as long as I have home to return to.  Home, with that musty, shut up house smell (or is it just our house that has a “shut up smell”?).  Anyway, we went; we saw; we conquered; and now it is time to get back to “normal” life.  Normal life is a good great thing.

A while back I read this quote (though I don’t know the author):  “Your kids need to hear the joy in the lifestyle you’ve chosen.”  Though I don’t have kids, i think it applies even to me.  I do believe it’s good to remember that in one way or another, I have chosen this life of mine.  Quit whining about it and either a.) start enjoying it or b.) start changing it.

That’s all for today, just a reminder of how good home is and what a blessing I have in the daily life I’m living.