“We’re going to regret this in the morning.”  “Yeah, I know.  We’re going to hate this idea.”

Those were our last words to each other last night.  Because, really, who doesn’t regret a previous night’s decision to set the alarm for 5:00 am on vacation?  I’m not a sleeping in sort of person, but 5:00 am?

Well, initially, I did regret it, but not in the end.  It was soooo worth the trouble, for we went for a hot air balloon ride in Alburquerque (rather a “flight” if you want to be proper about it).  Oh, and they gave us a pin afterwards too, like a lapel pin.  We collect those from all our vacation adventures.  How did they know that would make my day!

Our pilot was amazing.  He had set 58 world records, including flying a balloon from east coast United States to Morocco.  His 11 year old son was with him this morning, and we found out that at age 9, the son had made his first solo balloon flight.  The pilot kept us low for a while so the wind would take us across the Rio Grande, then he took us up to 4,000 feet.  Amazingly peaceful up there, and since we were moving with the wind, there was hardly a breeze.  The pilot said he’s been in 100 mile per hour winds, but since the balloon is part of the wind, per se, you could light a match and the flame would go straight up.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.  Here they are…


IMG_0006 IMG_0010
















After that, the day was extremely relaxed.  We (at least I) were exhausted from the long days of travel and site seeing, so we went back to the motel, slept, swam in the pool, watched TV, walked to Old Town (where I bought a small Navajo basket), swam some more, watched more TV.  Sometimes, you just need rest.