We woke up to a gorgeous sunny morning today.  There was no continental breakfast offered, but the owners of the Blue Swallow did provide homemade Amish Friendship bread muffins and coffee with all the fixin’s.  So I indulged and ate in on our “porch” area.


Took some more pictures before leaving quaint little Tucumcari.  Caleb is so patient with me and my camera…a benefit I do not deserve after all the years of saying, “Not another picture, Mom!”  (I have turned into my mother after all – not a bad thing, really.)  I just can’t pass up photos of divine little tidbits of life like the old frig at the motel where we got our ice.


See?  Isn’t that worth a photo?  I do so want this frig in my house.

Ok, on down the road.  Stopped at a ghost town along the way ’cause there was the awesomest cemetery.  I’ve never seen one so, so…deserted? run down? old? western?  Can’t think of the right word.  All I know is that I wouldn’t have been surprised if John Wayne himself rode up at that moment.


While we were there, Caleb suddenly stopped the car and backed up.  “What?  Wha’dja see?” I chirped.  He saw this.


You can’t see it very well behind the man?  Well, here’s a better picture.


Diamondback rattlesnake.  I must say I suddenly turned into a very worried, no fun, mom-like person.  “Caleb, don’t you dare go close to that thing.  Don’t you dare.  Caleb!  Caleb, you’re too close.”  Yeah, poor guy.  He threw rocks at it to make it move.  To my relief, it was dead.  Awwwwwww…(not really aww).  I thought it was cool after that.  However, the truth is now out; I will someday be a very good worried, no-fun mom person when it comes to snakes.  Shucks.

Hmmm, what else?  I will try to be quick as these posts are growing longer and longer.  Picnic lunch at the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM.  It’s so deep that diver’s go down in it, but it is also swim friendly environment.  I didn’t swim, just dipped my toes in. IMG_9973


Side trip up to see the capital at Santa Fe.  Caleb remarked that the old town area was laid out like an amusement park.  Kind of was.  Everything within very close walking distance and overpriced food and tourist shops where the Navajo sell their wares.  Love, love, love the adobe buildings that are everywhere though.

Even the capital building is adobe-like – fits in very well with the surroundings. DSC00269




Very quick stop to see this old stage coach stop…how cool is that?!?!?!  Oh, I wanted to jump back in time, then, of course, jump to the present again for the air conditioning.

IMG_0002Then our favorite stop of the day, Pecos National Historic Monument.  What is that?  Well, it’s an old Indian village that was started in 800 A.D.  Yes, ’tis old though the current ruins are only from the 1400’s.  Yeah, Europe has nothing on us with all their tales of old buildings.  Caleb was impressed that the Indians had developed such a forward thinking village of 2,000 people all those years ago.  I was impressed that the Santa Fe trail swung up to these ancient ruins because “the settlers of the 1800’s wanted to visit the ruins on their trek west.”  Isn’t it funny that the people way back when are no different than people today, taking side trips to see ghost towns.  As mom always says, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”






Then, finally, to our motel.  It was another original Route 66 motel called Monterrey Non-Smoker’s Motel.  Yes, that was the real name of the place.  Not quite as quaint as last night’s, but still charming and clean and safe and just a couple blocks from Old Town.


Quick walk through Old Town (the original Albuquerque built in the 1700’s).  It was amazing that once we entered the park-like square, all the hustle and bustle and traffic noise stopped.  Very peaceful.  Unfortunately, our supper there was less impressive.  Oh well.  You can’t win them all, I guess.