So I meant to keep up with the blog while we were on our vacation, but, alas, at the last moment, I made the hasty decision not to take the laptop.  Duh.  You kind of need a laptop to blog.  The wonderful plus side was that I unplugged from the internet and chillaxed the whole time.  Not a bad consequence!

I love going places and seeing things and exploring.  Caleb loves ghost towns and driving.  So what better vacation to take than exploring old Route 66?!  We planned the trip, and I got the most invaluable book in order to find all the twists and turns and jigs and jogs through towns and dead ended parts of the route.  Then after mapping out the coolest out-of-the-way places and things to see, after packing and filling the tank up with gas, we headed out!  ‘Twas an adventure to be sure.


Our first stop was Pops in Arcadia, OK.  It’s a fairly new place, and not original to the Route (though it’s right along it), but definitely worth the stop.  The problem?  How to choose just one or two quaint bottles of pop out of their 500 varieties!  Caleb got the Route 66 Beer (not real beer, root beer).  I loved the pun.



Stopped to see the Oklahoma City’s capital building.  Walked around – beautiful and peaceful.


The beauty of this Route is that it gets you off the interstate, slows ya’ down and takes you through the local places, back roads and such.   You trade in the sound of the highway’s sshwuuush for the lull of the puh-dum, puh-dum, puh-dum of the original 1930’s concrete paving.  Most of the road looked like this…

IMG_9855But we did get adventurous and take roads that looked like this…



It makes it more fun when you have to dodge tree branches every once in a while.  🙂

Stopped by Lake Overholser for a picnic lunch.  So much better than fast food!



Visited Fort Reno out in the middle of nowhere – my favorite part was the cemetery, of course.  It was even more interesting because of the grave stones for Indian scouts of the 1800’s and for World War II German and Italian POWs interned there in the 1940’s.  Oh, if grave stones could only talk.  I guess I’ll just have to be content with making up stories about them in my head.



Finally, made it to Red Rock Canyon National Park.  It took a while to find it.  Ummmm, kind of not worth it, but it was ok and gave us the chance to get out and walk.


The truly squeal-worthy moments of the day were when we saw a roadrunner and a horny toad.  Both times Caleb had to tell me what they were.  Always heard about both, but seeing them made me excited.  Silly but true.

IMG_9864Absolutely full day of stuff along the Route.  It was wonderful to explore, but I also truly enjoyed getting Mexican food for supper and then holing up in the hotel room at Clinton, Ok for the rest of the evening.

Oh, and I must issue a formal apology to Oklahoma for always thinking it was a worthless state to visit.  It is actually quite beautimous and especially worth going to as long as you get off the beaten path.