So I haven’t posted here in several days.  A.) Because I’ve been sick at work, sick at home, sick at the doctor’s office.  (It’s strep.  Don’t jump to any other conclusions…I know you wanted to.)  B.) Because I haven’t felt like being on the computer even though there’s been a fair amount of lying around.  And C.) Because, as I told Christy, I haven’t felt like being grateful.

*sigh*  That’s the problem.  Do you ever get into a big cycle of not feeling like being grateful, so you’re not.  When your not grateful, everything’s against you, horribly wrong, despicably awful.  When everything’s “against you” and horribly wrong and despicably awful, then you act it out.  When you act it out, you’re against everything and despicably awful to everyone around you and you start singing, “Nobody likes me; everybody hates me; guess I’ll just eat worms!”

Thankfully, everyone around me is completely kind and understanding and patient, so I just end up singing, “I don’t like me; I hate everything; Oh, just go eat your dumb ol’ worms.”  So.  Last night, I told myself to stop being a baby even though my throat is on fire and we’re leaving for vacation in a couple days.  Stop being a baby and start counting blessing.  Stop being a baby because someone that I know is experiencing worse than I am in any given area.  (You know, people always say, “Well, the poor kids in Africa are starving, so…”  Problem is, I don’t know the poor kids in Africa, so I have a hard time making the connection.  BUT I do personally know people who are going through hard times.  Puts things in perspective as I live my wonderful life, strep and all.)

Wow, that was a long intro.  I will get right to the blessings list from the last several days, one by one.

  • Sick leave at work – no questions, no rush, no forcing to get a doctor’s signature.  Just a “I’m sorry you’re sick.  Don’t worry about anything.  Hope you get to feeling better.”

  • Husband off work/home both days that I take sick leave.  Bonus!

  • Husband who literally shoves me out the kitchen as I melt down over supper and fixes it for us.

  • Decision to stop trying to cure myself and go to the doctor.  Antibiotics work better and quicker when it comes to strep.

  • A massage from a real spa place.  Aaaaaahhhhhh.  (This was at the beginning of the sickness and I didn’t know it was bad.  Hope they don’t catch it.)

  • I Love Lucy and Andy Griffith shows online.  They. Are. The. Best.

  • A good WWII spy book from the library

  • A cute carved wooden spatula from World Market a friend gave to me.  It makes cooking that much more fun!IMG_9817

  • Feeling well enough to get some things done around the house.  The laundry room is finally organized and more curtains are cut and ready to be sewn!

  • A walk around town with my sweetie and looking at the old houses around.  (He takes a different route every time, so it’s always interesting.)

  • Did I say we’re going on a trip?!  I’m excited.  And I got sick before the trip and not during?  Blessing.

  • Oh, and a husband that very often says after supper, “It was delish, Baby.”  He’s so sweet.  🙂

  • A hard working man who cleans the car and checks it out before a trip and who cleans the yard and mows and makes things look purdier.

I started naming these blessings (and many more that I didn’t write down) as I fixed supper last night.  You know, it worked!  It broke the poor-is-me cycle and made the evening so much better.  Not that I was an angel the entire rest of the evening, but it was much better.  Life is good.  I must grasp that goodness.